If you are new to stock market investments or someone who is a veteran looking for stock picking solutions to focus on other parts of your business then, Soul Inc. is your answer. We help all the categories of investors ranging from beginners to intermediate to advanced to identify good business at a reasonable price. Moreover, our experts are always available round-the-clock to help them understand the types and differences between equity, commodity, IPOs, and mutual funds.

Soul Inc has been in helping clients for 25 years now to help them pickup all-weather stocks and it is safe to say that we understand the seriousness of hefty yet considerate amounts that our clients have invested. The goal is to help them grow both in terms of stock market insights as well as monetary benefits with the help of our competent professionals by their side.

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With a proven track record of substantial financial growth and effective investment strategies, Soul Inc has been helping its clients with utmost sincerity.

With our professional advice, we help our clients in building an exceptional portfolio. We also ensure that they understand the potential risks as well as benefits of the stockbroking industry.

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1. How will I know when to sell or buy a stock?

You don’t have to indulge in the hassle. Our expert brokers will be at your service to explain and offer you just the right advice for the same. 

2. Will I get my broker’s availability all the time?

Yes, our brokers are trained to help you address your queries whenever you require them. In fact, they are trained to do so.

3. Is there any upgraded payment for getting the best broker for me?

You would be glad to know that our brokers/dealers are all competent and offer high-calibre inputs regardless of their fees. There is no extra fee charged for the right advice at Soul Inc.

4. Am I still supposed to pay for the brokerage if I face the loss?

Sadly yes, because we charge for every tip and service along with your documentation and other maintenance tasks.

5. Can trades over call be possible?

Yes, you will receive the details of a broker once you enrol with us. The person will address your queries and concerns while helping you make trade over calls.